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The Atlas-TRIO15 is a revolutionary solution for digital print finishing, allowing users to slit, cut, crease and even fold in a single pass. It's ideal for high-speed creasing and production of a wide range of jobs including business cards, postcards, brochures, booklet covers, greeting cards and more. The Atlas-TRIO15 uses an upper-belt tri-suction feeding system, and a feed table which automatically elevates, giving it the ability to process sheets up to 13" W x 27.5" L, in weights from 120-350gsm. The 4" touchscreen control panel provides three modes for various job requirements: Preset, for the most common formats and sizes, Manual, which modifies the preset jobs, and Flex mode for the greatest customization. It also stores up to 150 custom jobs, for quick and easy recall. Production speeds vary based on media size and finished output: up to 250 business cards in under 2 minutes, single-crease jobs up to 5,000/hour. Standard features include double-feed detection, cut-mark registration, side alignment guide, skew adjustment and two standard slitting guides. Custom slitting guides are also available. To make an even bigger impression with the printed page, the Atlas-TRIO15 can be combined with the optional AC-10 Folder which will easily transform large sheets into finished pieces. This powerful combination enables user to cut the lead and trailing edges, bleed trim the top and bottom, crease and fold, for stunning professional output. High-speed output, user friendly controls and the ability to handle large media sizes make the Atlas-TRIO15 a great complement to today's digital print environments.
In the Intimus® hard drive shredder, the disks are broken into tiny parts. The powerful machine is fast and reliable. This product is suitable for various applications and fulfills the demands of security level H-3 according to DIN 66399. The shredding of the hard drive is a safe and economical destruction process, with the possibility of a simple and visual inspection of the successful destruction.
The TS-1XT NSA-EPL listed degausser completely erases all data on hard drives and tapes in under 15 seconds With a 20,000 Gauss Field
Features: Connect 12 SAS or SATA drives with only one single SFF-8644 to 8644 Mini-SAS HD cable to HBA (Host Bus Adapter) or RAID controller. DataBolt™ technology - Aggregate bandwidth from 6Gb/s and 3Gb/s hard disk drives and SSD to a 12Gb/s data stream by intelligently buffering data, resulting in over 50% increase. Performance can reach over 3,000 MB/s in read and write (tested with 12G SAS RAID controller card (HA-ARC-ARC1883X). Built-in staggered spin-up for hard drives during power-up thus extending the life/duty cycle of the hard drives and power supply. Supports up to 256 drives daisy-chained together for capacity expansion via SAS expander. Mini-SAS HD cable, cooling fan, tray modules, and built-in mounting rail are included. Compatible with Areca, ATTO, Highpoint, LSI / Broadcom, Intel, Dell Perc, HPE 6G and 12G as well as other industry-standard 12G RAID cards.